CHB Strives to be the Best … Every Day … applying solution-based resources to provide “turnkey” energy answers, security solutions and design options, meeting our clients’ challenges and partnering to imagine, execute and realize our clients’ vision.

Founded in 1990 – CHB’s Team & Accredited Affiliates
From company offices in New York, Philadelphia and Chicago, and with CHB’s accredited affiliates, throughout the United States, Europe and Asia, CHB’s dedicated team works together, to be your trusted resource for independent, creative, window film and decorative wall graphics/signage solutions and project fulfillment, worldwide.

  • Since 1990, CHB has fostered a culture of collaboration, integrity and innovation.
  • Woman owned CHB has a proud record of project excellence, workplace safety and sustained company growth.


With manufacturing, engineering, curatorial and design partners, CHB is dedicated to modernizing and enhancing its clients’ value and enjoyment of their residential and commercial properties. CHB supports its clients, meeting their diverse needs with …

  • The most comprehensive testing-based understanding of security window film and film attachment technology in the industry;
  • An unparalleled investment in a knowledge-based commitment to solar/energy, deco/design and architectural initiatives;
  • Fully adaptable expert installation services and project management;
  • Administrative client support to reinforce long-term relationships with clients, partners and employees in the CHB family;

CHB … Getting it done, on time and on budget!
We are purpose-built to be scalable – we’re as excited by and dedicated to working with homeowners in meeting their needs as we are a $3 million large-scale security project. We are, above all, dedicated to our clients’ long-term needs.


Call CHB’s toll-free number(800)220-2525 or
Email CHB’s general inquiry address at info@chbwindowfilm.com

You will be contacted by a CHB Administrator who will direct a CHB Account Executive to you, based on your location and needs.
CHB will send you film samples and product information, so that you can be well informed in your discussions with your CHB representative.
A CHB Account Executive will meet with you to determine your needs, and conduct a site survey to assess access and site conditions, take measurements and prepare to send you a proposal.
CHB will send you a formal written proposal for your work.
On your accepting CHB’s proposal …
  • A.You will be assigned an Administrative Coordinator
  • B. You will be provided a certificate of insurance
  • C. Your installation will be scheduled and your Team Leader will be assigned; and
  • D. All materials will be ordered for the project.
  • On completion of your installation …
  • A. You will be asked to survey CHB’s work
  • B. Subject to your approval, an invoice will be sent to you
  • C. Cleaning instructions and a warranty will be issued to you
  • D. You will receive a follow-up call from your Account Executive to make sure all’s well.