Protecting our government and private client’s employees and visitors from terrorism has driven CHB’s success since day 1. Working with our technology and manufacturing partners, CHB offers the most comprehensive, independently tested, blast-mitigation solutions, installed worldwide. From Seoul, South Korea, across the United States, and through Europe, CHB has provided thoughtful and impartial guidance, leading to intelligent choices to protect against glass-shrapnel injury resulting from terrorist acts or violent weather events.


Working with security to define threat location and magnitude; engineering teams to assess building’s structural resilience; and technology partners to develop different systems to meet the varied needs of each client’s building and each portion thereof.


To save lives, minimize injury, reduce recovery/operating downtime; and lessen liability and cost of doing business.


CHB has become the acknowledged leader and “go-to” team in developing protective film and film-restraint systems, in use in government buildings, airports, schools, religious facilities, financial institutions, corporate offices, high tech campuses, power generation facilities and aerospace clients throughout the world.