Art Preservation


CHB is privileged to have worked with art conservators, architects and building engineers to provide the most effective solutions, tackling the competing demands of each.

  • CHB’s manufacturing resources allowed a comprehensive window film solution, providing The Smithsonian with Landmark-sensitive restoration of the Cooper Hewitt Museum and Carnegie Mansion.
  • CHB’s partnering with The Metropolitan Museum of Art and Shawmut Construction, to analyze solar fading damage of artwork, led to CHB’s successful installation at the Met’s Breuer.
  • Imaginative application of exterior-applied solar window film, at The Metropolitan Museum of Art succeeded in enhancing the comfort and preservation of the Arms and Armor wing on New York’s Fifth Avenue.
  • Groundbreaking clear solar-protective film was CHB’s answer to preserve the historic architecture which is the hallmark of The Rockefeller Archives’ preservation facility in Pocantico, New York.