Carol Borow (President)
Daniel Venet (Executive Vice President)

Almost 30 years ago, Carol Borow scanned the New York City skyline from her kitchen table and saw opportunity.

Millions of square feet of windows brought Borow to the realization that building owners, property managers, office tenants, and home owners needed services that would make their properties safer, more energy efficient and attractive, and less expensive to manage. Within a year, Daniel Venet joined CHB Industries.

Together they have built an organization that designs and installs window films, decorative graphics, signage and related technologies. Their products conserve energy, make the workplace safer and more attractive, preserve artwork, and eliminate unsightly graffiti.

CHB’s work is on display in major cities throughout the United States, Europe and the Far East. CHB has provided energy, security and value enhancement to homeowners, commercial offices, museums and public buildings.

Borow, a New Jersey native, received her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from New York University. Venet, a New York native, earned a Bachelor’s Degree in government from New York University and his J.D. from the University of Miami School of Law. As an attorney, he worked at several law firms in New York and was Vice President and General Counsel for Sotheby’s International Realty.

Central Park(New York)
Central Park(New York)

Robert Fogarty

Vice President

Ace Group Phil PA 8 Mil Sec-#1
Ace Group Phil PA 8 Mil Sec-#1

Having joined CHB almost 20 years ago, Bob is a valued veteran of the CHB team.

As an expert in sales and project management, he represents many of CHB’s most prestigious accounts, including Cabela’s, Rite Aid, Ross Stores and many others. Bob was with CHB during the tragic 9/11 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Centers. This tragedy ushered in the use of protective window film that could mitigate glass-shrapnel injury due to flying glass and saves lives.

Bob and others at CHB became national experts in using window film to make work environments safer. He has also consulted large retailers and corporations regarding the installation of intrusion-resistant security, energy-saving solar, anti-graffiti, and electronic privacy films.

He graduated from King’s College with a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Business.

Deborah Schulbaum

Director Of Administrative Operation

Whether it’s getting an update on a job in South Korea, employee training, or IT support, it’s likely that Deb will have the answers.

She is literally the “glue” that holds things together for CHB’s multi-national efforts.

As Director of Administrative Operations, Deb oversees a wide range of activities, including:

  • Human Resources
  • Finance, Payroll, 401K Administration
  • OSHA Certifications
  • Employee Training Certifications
  • WBE Compliance
  • Fleet Management
  • IT Support…and much more

She joined CHB in 2009 and is based out of the firm’s headquarters in Smithtown, NY.

David Hill

Midwest Director Of Business Development


Modern glass-partition office design is the canvas that sparks David Hill’s creative energy, giving him the opportunity to help CHB’s clients shape and define their environments to match their vision and meet their needs.

As CHB’s Midwest Director of Business Development, Hill has become the “go-to” guy to add pizzazz and functionality to offices with a wide range of decorative films. He works closely with architects, interior decorators, property managers, glazing contractors, unions, and building owners to transform lackluster work spaces into design masterpieces.

CHB’s decorative films make a statement that is carried throughout these offices that feature corporate logos and creative designs that convey credibility, substance, and privacy.

Hill also coordinates the installation of solar films for building atriums that significantly reduce energy costs and promote comfort. Several of his prominent clients include JCK Federal Courthouse, EMD Federal Building, Google, and the St. Louis Lambert Airport.

He joined CHB in 2005. Hill has Bachelor’s Degrees in Economics, Business, and Marketing from Southern Illinois University.

Anthony Secada

Business Development

Anthony Secada looks at interior glass office partitions and blank walls and sees an artist’s palette.

With a background in graphic design and signage, Secada provides CHB clients with graphic enhancements and creative signage that complete the design goals of CHB’s clients, improve safety and offer privacy for sensitive locations. Secada’s line of products is vast, including distraction banding (so people don’t walk into glass walls), privacy films, custom-matted wallpapers, and custom wall panels and glass graphics, to name a few.

He is also knowledgeable with local American With Disabilities Act (ADA) signage codes and develops solutions that are attractive and functional.

Secada’s biggest motivation is creating work places that make employees proud and more productive.

He has also coordinated large-scale projects that provide security and solar solutions for retail and commercial properties.

Secada has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from Hofstra University

Globe Tax Milky Mily & Colors(New York City)
Globe Tax Milky Mily & Colors(New York City)

Arleigh Venet

Business Development, Sales, Client Relations


For Arleigh Venet, it’s all about the design and innovation possibilities.

And that stands to reason since he received his Bachelors Degree of Industrial & Interaction Design from Syracuse University. He’s putting these considerable skills to good use as he counsels CHB clients on a wide range of interior and exterior window film solutions.

Arleigh has a knack for zeroing in on his client’s operational needs, offering a full menu of energy-conservation, security enhancement and graphic design innovations that maximize living and work environments, benefiting everyone. Arleigh’s background is a natural fit when working with architects and interior designers, making him a key asset in his client’s development team.

David Farrugia

Vice President, Director of Field Operations

For David Farrugia, no two days are the  same, and every morning brings a new set of demands.

He’s CHB’s “point” man, solving logistical and technical challenges, installing multiple projects at the same time, while serving the needs of CHB’s clients and technical staff. CHB’s projects can vary widely.  From applying solar  film to luxury residences or a Yankee Stadium restaurant; safeguarding New York’s office towers with blast-mitigation security window film; protecting museum artifacts from damaging sun light; or devising strategies for how CHB professionals can scale skyscrapers to safely complete complex assignments. The list goes on.

The bottom line is to complete these jobs quickly, efficiently, and safely – everyone relies on David Farrugia who is, quite simply, at the top of his profession … working with leading construction professionals at Structure Tone, Turner, Shawmut, among others.  As one of the few “union shops” in New York, CHB insures the safety of workers and makes sure they are OSHA compliant and certified in all aspects of the varied jobs throughout the nation.

Farrugia is CHB’s leading supervisor, inspecting jobs sites, meeting with clients, monitoring all aspects of installation and getting the job done right, safely and on time.

A veteran project manager, Farrugia brings a unique level of experience and professionalism to every job, large and small, helping make CHB the leading provider of energy answers and security solutions, nationwide.

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